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November’s Quality Assurance Satisfaction Score

Feedback and Lessons learned from our clients are at the heart of everything that we do. We take the post assignment feedback, review it as a team and then incorporate any lessons learned into our processes or knowledge base as part of a Continuous Service Improvement regime.

The result is a consistently high level of service and we are pleased to announce that this month’s Quality Assurance TQM is once again in the mid nineties (94% to be precise). You can find out more about our initiative here


October’s Quality Assurance satisfaction score

Last month DeNové began a new initiative to ensure transparency in the quality of our deliverables. The new monthly Quality Assurance survey underpins the customer-centric approach valued at the company and the satisfaction delivered alongside this.

Building on this, we are pleased to be able to publish this month’s TQM score which stands at a steady and impressive 95%. 

The analysis of continuous new data from the Quality Assurance surveys has brought several findings to light and we are adapting our internal processes and procedures to reflect this feedback.

Additionally, clients have highlighted that more support would be beneficial for the commercial element of their submission. With the team deploying the relevant in-house skills needed, DeNové will now focus more on assisting in framing the clients’ commercial offering.

More about the quality assurance score and the methodology used can be read here.

DeNové welcomes new Bid Associate, Angelos Kotentos, to the DeNové LLP team

DeNove are pleased to warmly welcome Angelos Kotentos, Bid Associate to the team.

Angelos has several years of international experience working for SMEs and large organisations in a range of industries. His overarching experience provides him with a well-rounded business approach, enabling flexibility in each sector in which he is involved.

DeNové welcomes new Marketing Associate, Tania Hussain, to the DeNové LLP team

As the beginning of autumn approaches, DeNové welcomes the arrival of Tania Hussain, Marketing Associate to the team.

Tania has an adept background in marketing communications and advertising alongside a Chartered Institute of Marketing education in strategic marketing and metrics. With this knowledge and experience, Tania will make a great addition to the team.

DeNové introduce total transparency in the quality of its deliverables

We are delighted to announce that we have started to publish the results from our independently audited customer satisfaction survey.

The survey polls all customers that we have completed an assignment for in that given month. Customers are asked to rank from 1-10 our performance on a number of critical success factors/ deliverables including:

  • Standard of work,
  • Consistency of work,
  • Attitude and approach,
  • The expertise demonstrated.

Feedback will enable DeNové to enhance services and also hone the valued customer-centric approach used throughout the agency. This initiative will ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty can be continually maintained at an optimum level, whilst aiding performance improvement.

Once we have learned all of the lessons possible from each individual survey, the data is then anonymised and aggregated to further ensure client confidentiality.  The results will be published monthly. This month the score stands at an impressive 96% and we will do our very best to maintain and improve this score over the course of the year.

More about the results of the survey and the methodology used can be read here.


DeNové welcomes new Bid Associate, Heather Hayes, to the DeNové LLP team

Summer 2016 sees the welcome arrival of Heather Hayes, Bid Associate to the team.

Heather is a truly talented copywriter who works closely with her clients to unearth their sales propositions and win theme. Heather has only been with DeNové a short while, however has already won the trust and affection of the customers that she has worked with.