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RM3733 Technology Products – 9 out of 9!

Busy at workCrown Commercial Service has today announced the award of their Technology Products 2 framework, a massive contract potentially worth over £4 billion.

DeNove’s clients were successful on all six of the lots for which they bid, with a 100% success rate.

This is the ninth consecutive Crown Commercial Service Framework DeNove has worked on where all of our clients won all of their bids.

Suppliers which were awarded a coveted place will benefit from several years’ worth of exclusive and specific demand, with greatly reduced competition. Indeed, we have helped our customers to win many mini-competitions under the frameworks where they have places.

If you would like to know how we could assist your bid on one of the upcoming CCS procurements, then please get in touch: [email protected]

DeNové are in the News!

Following this week’s announcement to publish our client satisfaction index, DeNové have been featured in the news! CRN discuss how DeNové are combatting ‘opaque’ marketing with a Quality Assurance initiative.

All so often, Consultancies, Sales Advisors and Marketing Agencies hide their actual performance behind reference cases and client quotes; Promising a great deal but only delivering in select instances.

Bucking this trend, DeNové will from this date forward, publish monthly the aggregated client feedback from every single client assignment. To ensure public confidence in the results, the Quality Assurance Survey (QAS) score will be:

  • Independently collated
  • aggregated and anonymised to protect client confidentiality
  • independently audited by a qualified MIIA auditor from ISPB ltd.

This procedure will ensure quality control and transparency in our customer relations, enhancing and honing the valued customer-centric approach used throughout the agency. Customer satisfaction and loyalty will be continually maintained at an optimum level, whilst aiding performance improvement.

Roger Newman, Senior Partner at DeNové said: “Many of our Channel and SI customers already publish their performance figures but business development and marketing consultancies tend to be far more opaque. We hope that others will now follow in publishing their data and all up our game as a result”.

Tania Hussain, Internal Marketing at DeNové added: “This transparency is the result of DeNové collating independently audited, detailed and actionable feedback from customers.  This customer-centric approach ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty is always at its optimum level and will aid us to continually improve our services”.

Emma Jones appointed as new small business crown representative

Congratulations to Emma Jones, who has recently been announced as the government’s new SME crown rep. Jones will carry forward the initial program Stephen Allott established whilst working with the government to identify barriers between SME’s and business in the public sector. Alongside this, work with the government will be conducted to highlight new opportunities where SME’s can deliver the best value possible. This reflects the initiative and commitment the government is currently taking to spend £1 in every £3 with SME’s by 2020.

It is great news that the government will now benefit from her experience and expertise. DeNove have always worked closely with Jones’s predecessor; Stephen Allott, and look forward to working closely with Emma and her team in the future.

New case studies from CCS showing the value of bidding for Government Contracts

There are many aspects of bidding for government which make the process appear more complicated than it actually is. Government contracts may be lucrative for big companies but for many SME’s there can be doubts. Alongside this there are several other variables which affect SME’s: the investment utilised for procurement may be lost if the bid is not won, accessibility for small firms and an overall lack in confidence.

However, bidding has its advantages too. These opportunities can offer the possibility of an increased workforce, profit and turnover. The UK government currently spends over a quarter of it’s procurement budget, £11.4 billion with SME’s. With a host of new initiatives to ensure SMEs benefit, there’s never been a better time to participate.

A recent report from Crown Commercial Services (CSS) highlights the advantages. Securestorm is an example of this, a small London based business which won a bid on the G-Cloud 2 framework. The CSS reference case displays how SME’s can not only successfully win bids, but also create growth and development within their organisation.

New legislation has helped level the playing field between SME’s and  larger companies in regards to winning big contracts. As the CCS report shows, Critiqom, a communications company, generated over £500,000 worth of new business in just 8 months after winning a place on the CCS Postal Goods and Services framework. Critiqom sales director Ian Forster, states that sales and awareness have improved significantly as a result of this. Another benefit SME’s should take advantage of.

Our work entails refining strategies and developing opportunities for successful contract wins. Collective corporate experience alongside our practical knowledge can provide the confidence to bid for government work, aiding business development whilst creating a competitive advantage. We recently helped a UK SME win the largest Public Sector Contract that has ever been awarded to an SME in Europe.  please call us or drop us a line at [email protected] to find out more about how DeNove can assist in creating long term value in your company.

Preparing for your G-Cloud 7 submission

The portal will open for new registrations towards the end of this month (August 2015) and potential suppliers will have approx. six weeks in which to complete and submit their service listings. But if you are planning to register your services then there is a lot that you should be doing in the meantime.

Preparing for your G-Cloud submission is essential. The Digital Marketplace (the hosting portal for the G-Cloud) hosts a vibrant community of almost 2,000 suppliers providing almost 20,000 different services (or permutations thereof). Some companies, including many SMEs and new market entrants have found it to be an exceptionally successful route to market, but many others have not made any sales at all. On the face of it, taking a listing on the G-Cloud is child’s play, and it is the simplicity of taking a listing that has caught out so many unsuccessful suppliers who have not appreciated that upfront diligence is essential to be successful in this new route to market.

The following is a brief checklist of things to consider together with a list of essential resources that will help guide you on your way.

First of all is the Digital Marketplace suitable for you?

The G-Cloud is for cloud services covering infrastructure, platform, software and specialist cloud services. The framework is for commodity based, pay-as-you go cloud services across four lots:

Lot 1: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Lot 2: Platforms as a Service (PaaS)

Lot 3: Software as a Service (SaaS)

Lot 4: Specialist Cloud Services

Lot 4 is for services outside of the three traditional ‘as a service’ (aaS) areas to support customers transitioning to cloud services.

G-Cloud Lotting structure

‘Cloudwashing’ is frowned upon and Lot, 1,2 and 3 services should conform to the NIST definitions for Cloud Services.

Lot 4 is for services to support customers transitioning to cloud services and is defined by Crown Commercial Services (CCS)

Learn about the Digital Marketplace as a new route to market

Ideally register for one of the TechUK supplier briefings or at least read all about the underpinning strategy here and keep up to date with the latest news from the Digital Marketplace team here.

Develop your sales and Marketing Strategy

Nobody got rich taking a G-Cloud listing and then sitting back and hoping that the phone might ring. It’s not enough to simply list a service on the G-Cloud and then hope for the best. Any listing needs to be backed up by a clear Service Strategy and Sales and Marketing Plan. Selling to the Public Sector  and Selling via the G-Cloud should be supported by careful Market Segmentation and current, future demand/spend analysis.

Understand the competitive landscape

Research your competitors – what are they saying? Research the current services listed on the Digital Marketplace.

Understand the buyers and how the marketplace works

Read the G-Cloud buyers guide, and keep up to data with the Digital Marketplace Blog


Even though the portal does not open for new registrations for another week or so, you can still save yourself a little time and effort later by creating a supplier account on the Digital Marketplace. This will also help by ensuring that you are notified as soon as G-Cloud 7 opens for new registrations.

Finally, get support if you need it

Consider using a specialist B2G business development agency to help you develop your G-Cloud strategy, listing and sales and marketing plans. After all, you probably employ a Marketing Agency to help with your marketing and this is just as important as that is. You don’t have to use us (although we would love to be invited to pitch for your business), there are a number of companies similar to us that all provide an invaluable service to companies selling via this new channel to market.


Free report: Selling G-Cloud services to Local Government – the next big opportunity.

The next G-Cloud Opportunity

G-Cloud revenues in the UK are growing very healthy and have a revenue run rate of over £500m per annum. However there have been a number of articles in the trade press over the last two years reporting the slow uptake of G-Cloud services by the Local Authority market. This has steadily reinforced the impression is that with the exception of a few G-Cloud Pioneers such as Bristol , Windsor  and Newham, UK Local Authorities are not interested in buying G-Cloud services.

The UK’s Local Authorities spend £2.5bn each year on ICT, with £1bn (40%) of this spent on software applications and related services. It is a market ripe for G-Cloud sales and represents a major growth opportunity to many UK SMEs and new market entrants.

This week, we have published a report entitled Selling G-Cloud services to Local Authorities – the next big opportunity. The report covers: read more…

New Wave SMEs outflanking big 10 ICT suppliers on G-Cloud

Winning G-Cloud Business

Winning G-Cloud Business

A recent report by DeNové of the UK G-Cloud (or “Amazon Gov”) sales show that this initiative has truly taken the Government’s SME agenda to heart.   G-Cloud is an online framework that makes it easy for Public Sector bodies to buy “ICT” on demand.  Over £40m of services are bought through the G-Cloud every month.

One of the positive aspects of G-Cloud is the transparency. All Sales data is made available and  DeNove’s Report on G-Cloud Spend shows that the majority of Incumbent Large ICT Suppliers are drastically failing to replicate their traditional market dominance on G-Cloud.

In a review of total G-cloud revenues for the period 2012 -2015, only IBM out of the Tier 1 suppliers made it into the Top 10.  The report identifies that it’s not for the want of trying: many traditional Large suppliers boast comprehensive Service Line Listings on G-Cloud.

Also of interest is that the revenues of the top three of this new wave of suppliers are gleaned across all parts of Public Sector from Central and Local Government to Health and Bluelight. It seems that G-cloud is providing these successful organisations with a base to “punch above their weight”.

But it’s not all roses. The G-Cloud is a totally new route to market, with different buying groups, buying behaviours and competition. New and existing suppliers often find it difficult to get to grips with the challenges and a result, only slightly more than 30% of these suppliers have made any G-Cloud sales and many have never even received an invitation to quote for any work.

It is difficult to predict whether G-Cloud will fundamentally change the Public Sector procurement landscape. These things can only be reviewed in retrospect (like my Betamax) but it is offering a new and vibrant conduit to Public Sector purses and, at this moment in time, is being leveraged more smartly by SMEs.

The report can be downloaded here

About the G-Cloud and DeNové

DeNové is a specialist B2G business development agency. Four of our SME clients were in the top 30 suppliers (by turnover) on the G-Cloud in 2014-2015.

If you would like to know more about our services then please drop us a line: [email protected] or call us on 08000DENOVE

RM971 makes it 8 out of 8 for DeNove’s clients

we love it when our clients winThe Crown Commercial Service framework run on behalf of the NHS for Non-Clinical, Non-Medical staff was awarded earlier today. The successful bidders will be celebrating that they have won a coveted place on a contract worth between £800m and £1.6 billion.

The award was especially welcome here at DeNové  as it builds on our 100% success record of helping bidders, often SMEs or new market entrants, to win places on the procurements run by Crown Commercial Service. These include RM1043, RM1050, RM1054, RM1058, RM1498, RM 918 and RM1557 –  A combined potential framework total of over 10 billion pounds!

Of course, it’s also important to win revenue from those frameworks and our clients also have an enviable track record in that respect as well. For example in 2014 three of our SME clients were in the top thirty suppliers to the UK Government G-Cloud, a framework that now enjoys sales of more than £500m per annum.

If you would like to know how we could assist you on on e of the upcoming CCS procurements then please drop us a line: [email protected]


G-Cloud Seminar with Enterprise Ireland

DeNové were invited to present at a recent ‘Win more business from the G-Cloud’ seminar arranged by Enterprise Ireland in Dublin, to highlight to Irish SMEs the opportunities that are available to them as a result of the growth in spend through the G-Cloud framework.

Roger Newman presenting at the G-Cloud Seminar in Dublin

Roger Newman presenting at the G-Cloud seminar in Dublin

The panel of presenters included:

  • Stephen Allott, Crown Representative for SMEs and one of the leading advocates for the G-Cloud;
  • Brian Hanly from Emergn, the most successful Irish SME’s on G-Cloud ;
  • Bill McCluggage, former CIO for the Irish Government, former deputy CIO with the UK Cabinet Office;
  • Roger Newman, Senior Partner at DeNove and a leading expert on how to win business via the G-Cloud.

The slides from the presentations can be seen here.

Our congratulations to Gavin McWhirter, Head of the UK arm of Enterprise Ireland, for arranging, hosting and managing such an excellent seminar.  Just over 40 different Irish companies attended the event which provided a brilliant overview and detailed insight in to the background, how you get on it and then how you win business from the UK public sector once you are on it.


DeNové publish construction procurement report

The legitimacy of the Education Funding Agency (EFA) for England’s regional frameworks, which became operational in July 2014, is blasted in a new report that Roger Newman, Senior Partner at DeNové co-authored with Paul Bogle, Head of Policy and Research, National Federation of Builders Ltd  and Walter Menteth, Director, of Project Compass CIC.

The report evidences and evaluates the unacceptable skews apparent in the procurement process at both the ITT shortlisting and award stages, in the context of The HM Governments Procurement Pledge, the 2012 Social Value Act, and Section 1 (18,19 & 20) of the National Planning Policy Framework.

The full report can be down loaded here: EFA_Issues_Report_Final