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What we do

DeNové helps companies find and win business. We work with clients across Europe, refining sales strategy, developing opportunities and helping bring home successful contract wins. DeNové provides resources for the transition from contract win through to the operation of the contract.

In conventional business parlance, that makes us a Business Development Consultancy, but we’re unlike most other consultants, we value individualism over the usual formulaic attitude. And our real-world corporate experience means, we know that to be successful, strategic advice must remain grounded in practical context; We deliver results.

Our PlanFindWin™ methodology is a modular, end-to-end approach to business development, refined and proven in public and private sectors. This methodology delivers an optimised business development strategy, improved pipeline and, ultimately, more business wins. DeNové’s InnovateOperate™ methodology delivers robust design and solutions management, for clients who require technical expertise during the bidding process and/or following contract win.

Successful Outcomes

In the last three years, DeNové has helped generate a cumulative sales pipeline of €4 billion and achieved industry-leading win ratios for some of the largest and most successful technology companies in the world.

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DeNové was founded in 2006. The company was established by four individuals, each with differing but highly complementary backgrounds, and each adept at understanding the complex art of successful business development. Most importantly, the four directors also share a genuine talent for winning business – both for their clients and for DeNové itself.

This valuable blend of expertise has led to year-on-year growth and considerable success both in the UK and Europe. Today, in addition to the four principals, DeNové manages a team of Managing and Associate Consultants, providing specialist support and direction to ambitious technology companies who know that if they are to compete, winning is everything.

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